Physician Wellness Task Force

The purpose of the Physician Wellness Task Force is to create a safe harbor for physicians to obtain care, avoid burnout, achieve work-life balance and an improved quality of life.

Council Members:

Shawn Baca, MD – Chair

Catherine Garcia, MD  

Heather Johnson, MD

Louis Joseph, MD

Alexandra Lacqua

Ricardo Leano, MD

Lynn Palmieri, MD

Stephan Pasternack, MD

Henry Pevsner, MD

Scott Rice, MD

Bruce Saltz, MD

Nisha Sharma, MD     

Abbey Strauss, MD

Shelley Singh, MD

Rosalie Tassone, MD 

David Waldburg, MD

Michelle Lizotte Waniewski, Ph.D. 

For more information, contact Mindi Tingler at 561-433-3940 ext. 107 or at [email protected].