PBCMS Health Insurance Plan

Palm Beach Medial Society offers the BCBS INSURANCE TRUST FUND, an exclusive health insurance opportunity to physicians in Palm Beach County. The plans provide affordable health insurance to member EMPLOYER-physicians, their full-time employees, and their families. It offers comprehensive plans, and a range of benefit levels.

The Trust Plans have both traditional plans and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) that utilize Health Savings Account (HSA). All plans are BCBS Blue Options Network plans (Their all-encompassing National/International network). There are no “gatekeeper” or “managed care” plans.

The Trust Plans are a Co-Op/Association type plan, where the members merge assets together to create a larger group, thereby reducing expense renewal costs and securing coverage for catastrophic claims to create a safety net to curb future increases. Other similar plans for Physician offices have established reserves for future rate increases, and have dispersed cash refunds to Physicians, and capitalized on the Federal MLR rebates mandated since 2011.

For more information please contact Jeremy Cohen (561) 302-2661 [email protected] or

PBCMS office (561) 433-3940