Never before has the pace of change in health care been so dramatic.
There is great uncertainty in health care reform, increasing regulatory and administrative burdens, changes in reimbursement and medical consolidations.
Today, it is more difficult for physicians to sustain their practices.
Palm Beach County Medical Society is in a unique position to bring issues to life and develop solutions for physicians. Your professional satisfaction and sustainability is our top priority. 
Active Practicing  $395
Active Practicing 1st Year $175
Active Practicing 2nd Year $175
Retired $100
Semi-Retired  $100
Associate  $200
Dual County $125
Resident  $50
Physician Assistant  $100
Medical Student  $25
Life Honorary  Free
Dues Exempt Free


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Physician Wellness Program

The practice of medicine is a highly stressful profession. Physicians carry a high degree of emotional tension, and they tend to seek help to lesser degree and at a much later stage than other professionals. Thus, Physician Burnout is of great concern to the medical community. Physician Burnout manifests itself with early retirement, disengagement, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. The PWP program will offer any PBCMS member 6 complimentary, confidential counseling sessions during a calendar year. The PWP is a self-referred program designed for physicians to be proactive to address and prevent burnout.

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