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The practice of medicine is a highly stressful profession. Physicians carry a high degree of emotional tension, and they tend to seek help to lesser degree and at a much later stage than other professionals. Thus, Physician Burnout is of great concern to the medical community. Physician Burnout manifests itself with early retirement, disengagement, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. The PWP program will offer any PBCMS member 6 complimentary, confidential counseling sessions during a calendar year. The PWP is a self-referred program designed for physicians to be proactive to address and prevent burnout.


Physicians are often concerned about confidentiality and privacy. PWP Psychologists are experienced in counseling physicians. These licensed professional mental health counselors have been vetted by PBCMS physicians. They are generally available quickly but a 24/7 support line is always available. With flexible hours and locations you will have convenient access to services. No information will be disclosed to others without your written consent. No insurance will be billed and PBCMS will not be given any information about those who utilize the program. PBCMS will pay a monthly bill based upon the number of sessions provided.



PWP psychologists and licensed mental health counselors have a great deal of experience in counseling physicians. They have been thoroughly vetted by PBCMS physicians. They are generally available quickly, and 24/7 support line 800-530-9757 is available. With flexible hours and locations, physicians have convenient access to services. 

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How to Schedule an Appointment

A confidential call line assists physicians in scheduling your appointment. The program will maintain a current membership roster to determine eligibility. Call the support line at 1- 800-530-9757.


How You Can Help

PBCMS has joined a growing number of medical societies nationwide who are working together to develop best practices to address physician wellness. PBCMS is accepting contributions to operate and endow this program to serve our physicians in perpetuity. Your contribution to PBCMS Services James Byrnes, MD Education and Physician Wellness Fund are a 501c.3 tax deductible contribution. More significantly, physicians are investing in the health of their esteemed colleagues. Contributions can be made online at or mail checks to 3540 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 101 West Palm Beach, FL 33406.

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