History of Medicine of Palm Beach County

Learn the medical history of Palm Beach County through a new book sponsored by PBCMS.

A Tradition of Caring, A History of Medicine in Palm Beach County recognizes medical pioneers and chronicles the major medical milestones of the past 150 years, from the arrival of the first doctor in the area, Dr. Richard Potter, in 1882, to the passage of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Since its founding in 1919, Palm Beach County Medical Society has been at the forefront of many of the major health care developments in Palm Beach County. In the early years, the agency’s members initiated public health policies that protected the public from dreaded disease, and they held leadership positions in the area’s first hospitals, including Good Samaritan Hospital in West Palm Beach. In the modern era, the group’s physicians have worked on reforming medical malpractice insurance and proving health care coverage to the indigent.

The book’s author, Leon Fooksman, is an award-winning journalist, blogger and social media expert. He reported for the Sun Sentinel for nine years, covering social development challenges and the workings of local governments.

The book’s publisher, Legacy Publishing Co. of Birmingham, Alabama, has previously published medical histories of Wake County (Raleigh), NC; Nashville, TN; Austin, TX; Memphis, TN; and Charleston, SC; and Duval County (Jacksonville), FL.

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